Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pretty Palettes: January Reveal: Snowflakes!!!

This winter has been very different from the last two (and frankly, I love it!).  Hardly any snow!  We were on the edge of the huge snowstorm last week and while the kids had a Snow Day, we ended up getting a dusting and that was it. 

I really dislike shoveling snow and wearing winter coats and boots, but, if I always looked at a snowflake like the artist of this month's Pretty Palettes Challenge, Alexey Kljatov, I may have different thoughts.

--Probably not, unless I was looking at it on a computer while sitting on a warm beach!  :)

Leaves of ice, snowflake desktop wallpaper (explore 2015-08-22)

I DO like wearing bling-y jewelry and the snowflake is a great inspiration for that!

When I saw the color palette, and the beads chosen, I thought of brightness and shininess and reflection...and rhinestones. 

So, together some of the snow-like icicle beads and rhinestone cup chain was paired with a leather bracelet blank. 

More of a rocker look, than a romantic bling-y look but still great.
First, I stained the leather to make it a darker hue - a better backdrop for the bright beads and then poked holes with a leather needle to make it easier to thread the thread through.

The rhinestone cup chain and beads are held in place with a pale mint great silk thread and knotted towards the ends.  This is by no means my own idea - in face, if you follow 'the beading gem' - a very good resource for jewelry making, she had the link for the original idea. 

The beads and leather (and all leather tools used) are from Michaels. The cup chain was from my bead stash.

Thank you Erin for another great source of inspiration!!!

Friday, December 18, 2015

create jewelry, 2015

Previously, I wrote about how my earrings were included in the advertisement for the create jewelry magazine.  Well, I actually had 3 pieces accepted and published in this magazine!

The first were the earrings in the ad.  They are my Daphne earrings and named after my daughter who actually helped me sort through my beads to look for beads and components that fit the inspiration.  She found the bracelet links and I came up with the design. 

Daphne earrings.  Green apple and pale blue brass earrings.  Gift for Her.

The second was a necklace.  I had found the colors in these beads so pretty but in my organizing mind, I definitely liked the look of them in order.  A graduated order of color. Greek ceramic washers separated with sterling silver plated washers make up the front of this necklace.

The third was another pair of earrings.  I like these tiny O beads - they can add just a tiny bit of accent color to all sorts of designs.  The small pendants are handmade ceramic beads by Gaea. 

You can check them all out for sale on my Etsy site here:  Gems of Summer

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

jewelry stringing, Summer 2015

This post has been in draft mode for too long...

A little late is better than never....

This is the first magazine that I was published in:

So excited to be included in here!  (Yes, that is in the Summer 2015 one).

My necklace is the Beading on a Budget item.   When I saw the turquoise palette inspiration, I immediately thought of this chain that I had purchased (awhile back) in several colors and came up with an idea to use all the chains at once and have them visible on the wearer (in other words, not just in the back of a necklace, where chain is usually relegated!)

For sale, click here:

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Teal and Coral and Brass Flower Earrings.  Czech Glass Earrings.  Gift for Her.
Huge sale going on in the Etsy shop. 

40% off any jewelry.  Coupon code:  CYBER40

Looking for the perfect gift for the holidays?
Handmade, unique jewelry available in the Gems of Summer Etsy shop.

Check it out!  
Type in 'CYBER40' in the coupon code box at Etsy.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me on Etsy. 
Expires December 12th.  
Poinsettia Earrings.  Silver Flower and Red Beaded Dangle Earrings.  Gift for Her. 
Red-orange, Aqua and Gold Bracelet.  Czech glass Bracelet.  Magnetic Closure Bracelet.  Gift for Her.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Yuletide 2015

For the last few years, I have been fortunate to have some of my items in a Gallery in downtown Cincinnati over the holidays.  The 1305 Gallery hosts  Yuletide during the holidays and has all sorts of artists, crafters and designers contribute their items to the Gallery for Holiday Shopping.  

So this year I've switched up what I am selling again.  I guess that's part of being an eclectic jewelry maker (or schizophrenic jewelry maker) - is there a difference?  I get so passionate about making certain things for awhile and then my passion moves to something else.  

This year, I focused on beadwork and wire-wrapping.  I really do like beadwork but just not the time it takes to make it all.  So, I made lots of earrings.

 It's like a riot of color!  I love all these and hope to do more in lots more different color combinations or my etsy shop. 
 Maybe I'm the only one, but I think a lot of people like a little more bling over the holidays.  So in addition to the beaded Swavorski rivoli crystals, I also added some wire-wrapped frames.

These ones (above) use AB coated glass beads and Vintaj glittery acrylic beads with Swavorski crystals.

For the less blingy, here's some with handmade lampwork beads:

If you are in Cincinnati over the holidays, check out the 1305 Gallery and the adjacent quirky and cool shops - lots of handmade goodness!
Happy Holiday Shopping! 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

Do you know the Knock, Knock joke with the banana and the orange?
I have little kids, so Knock, Knock jokes are pretty prevalent around our house. 

My friend had asked for a choice of some orange earrings so I went ahead and got inspired.  With Lots of Orange.  But since I'm really not a big wearer of bright orange, I chose different shades and different metals, like copper to go with the orange inspiration. 

Stunning lampwork leaves from Beadfairy, Carnelian briolettes, a brass cage and niobium earwires that perfectly combine the brass and copper combo.
 Beautiful Swavorski elements make these simple earrings a real stunner.

Orange with a slight hint of yellow swirly lampwork discs hang from sterling silver earwires.  A simple orange combo.  These discs were purchased a few years ago at a bead show, but I'm pretty sure they are from Kimberlys Corner.  (Kimberly Branch).  She has the loveliest discs - and in so many colors!
Burnt orange polka dot ceramic beads by BoHulleyBeads accented with tiny turquoise lampwork rondelles and some large Saki Silver sterling silver earwires.  This color combo is so fun!
Orange Carnelian wire-wrapped with a purple stone dangle. 
Copper beads and silver findings combine to make the perfect rustic earrings.

Lastly, orange red faceted Czech glass rondelles topped with a translucent aqua cap spattered with gold.  Those aqua beads have 2 holes in them - one in the center and one off to the side.  I think they are a type of seed bead but I can't remember the name.  They were purchased at my local bead store. 
And there's a matching bracelet for the earrings:

You can find all these earrings in my shop now!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pretty Palettes: October Challenge

I'm really going over the top and doing 2 design inspirations this month.  The Halcraft Inspiration Blog's Pretty Palettes Challenge has a beautiful inspirational picture this month.  Fall is definitely not my most favorite season, but even I can admit that the colors outside at this time are truly fantastic!!!

This is the inspiration photo:

October's palette :: Autumn Hues :: Design Seeds

The rich colors in this picture are wonderful!  And the beads chosen were defnitely diffrerent enough from my usual choices but still within that pinkish/reddish tone that I do like.

I came up with 4 pieces from this month's inspiration, in both a silver and a gold palette.  First, a silver-toned necklace and earring set.  The necklace was inspired by a white and black one that was on the Halcraft blog a few weeks ago.  That bib type necklace shows up well on an outfit.  And it was a good way to combine the different round beads. 
 The earrings in the middle are made with Humblebeads leaf charms.  Although not as visible in this picture, the leaves have an iridescent and translucent look to them.  They are so pretty when held up to light!

Second, a gold-toned set.  I think the red and purple beads look very regal with this color palette. It is a combination that I would not have chosen myself, but the gold looks great with the red and purple glass beads.  I really liked the hematite spacer but was a little stumped as to how to use it in the design.  So I ended up making lots of dangles with the spacers and the tiny red glass beads.  Together with the large quartzite ruby red beads, those dangles help fill out the bracelet. 
And all these items can be found in my shop: